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So Jennie Paris Premium Luxury Bubbles


So Jennie Paris – premium, luxury, alcohol-free bubbles. Fancy a Christmas without a hangover? Then look no further! A fairly recent addition to the Wineservice list; this product is soaring with success. As the UK importer of this new and exclusive beverage, we have placed So Jennie in Harrods, Fortnum & Mason’s and The Churchill Hyatt Regency, to name but a few. With more people looking for a luxurious, celebratory drink without the alcohol content, we saw an opportunity to introduce So Jennie to the UK market.

Jennie Kergoat-Reulland, founder and producer of So Jennie, is a formidable Parisian with a wealth of business experience from her time as a Director a United Airlines. With a career in the airline trade spanning 20+ years, she ended her profession after the tragedy of 9/11 caused the European business to cease. Despite being at retirement age, Jennie had an entrepreneurial spirit and found the inspiration for her eponymous, alcohol-free bubbles after spending a summer working at Royal Weddings in the Middle East. She observed that the non-drinking Muslim guests were being offered fruit smoothies as an alternative to Champagne. What a disappointment… but what an opportunity!

In collaboration with a French Professor of Food, she designed the perfect “recipe”: 50% white grape musts and 50% red grape musts sourced from the best vines across France. Carbonic anhydride is added to the blend via the tank method to produce very tiny, long-lasting bubbles. Lightly pink in colour, this delicious sparking drink not only feels and looks worthy of a special occasion but is completely alcohol-free, has no added sugars, no sulphites or additives and has a mere 30 calories per flute. Dry, fruity, elegant and guilt-free.

So Jennie can be found across the world: from the First Class flights of Qatar Airlines to the Mandarin Oriental in Japan and now London. After launching at the prestigious Park Hyatt Vendôme in Paris in November 2011, these very special, luxurious bubbles are making headway… worth remembering for the New Year detox!

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