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Bouchard Finlayson Blanc de Mer



Riesling has an intense perfume and a piercing crisp acidity which it manages to retain even at high levels of ripeness. In Germany, Riesling constitutes around 20% of total plantings, yet it is responsible for all its greatest wines. It produces delicate, racy and stylish wines that cover a wide spectrum of flavours from steely and bone dry through to the exotically sweet flavours of the great sweet wines. It is also an important variety in Alsace where it produces slightly earthier, weightier and fuller wines than in Germany. In Australia’s Clare Valley, the grape has developed a formidable reputation, delivering full-bodied, dry wines with lime-sherbet flavours. The grape also grows successfully in New Zealand’s Central Otago region where their Rieslings are lighter-bodied, more ethereal and sometimes off-dry.

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