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Green Drake Shiraz


Green Drake Shiraz

This wine has a rich dark colour with a smoky, peppery nose. Dark fruit on the palate gives an all-round juiciness. Oaky tannins lead on to a spicy finish with good structure.


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Stellar Organics

Wine Region

Western Cape, South Africa

About the Winery

Established in 2002, this was South Africa’s first Fairtrade and Organic winery lead by the Rossouw brothers. It was awarded its Fairtrade status in 2004 with workers now owning 26% of the shares. The Stellar Fairtrade Workers Trust grew from a working committee set up after the Kranskop bridge disaster, a truck accident that killed 53 people in 1987. The trust serves as a forum for workers to identify their needs and manages the income derived from Fairtrade sales. To date, Fairtrade has paid for fencing for workers housing, free housing and electricity and water for permanent farm workers. All schooling and child-care facilities are also subsidised.

Although Fairtrade is an honourable and vital organisation, we would still only list the wines if we felt that they stood up in quality and value against “traditionally” produced wines. We are delighted by the response we have already had to the Stellar range and feel very confident in the continued success of this enterprise.

Grape Variety



Full-bodied, spicy

Drinking Window (Advisory)

Drink now to 2017.

Food Pairings

Seafood, poultry and goats cheese salad



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