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    La Grande Marque Saumur NV Méthode Champenoise

    The best known sparkling wine of the Loire, made using Méthode Champenoise (the Champagne method). This example shows a notable finesse deserving of its frequent medals. Beautiful length and enjoyable ‘toasty’ flavours on the palate. Delicious style and unusually has Cabernet Franc in the blend.


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    The Alliance Loire

    Wine Region

    Loire, France

    About the Winery

    The Alliance Loire is the epitome of modern co-operatives. It is situated in Saint Cyr-en-Bourg a few kilometres south of the town of Saumur. The Alliance is responsible for the marketing and sales of 8 different wineries, including the Cave de Saumur which was established in 1957 with about 40 growers. Today, it has grown to nearly 300 members, farming 1800 hectares of vineyards, scattered over 4000 plots. Respect for the environment and terroir is positively encouraged with extra support for members wishing to convert to organic practices. Today, Marc Bonnin heads up this co-operative.

    Grape Varieties

    Chenin Blanc & Cabernet Franc

    Drinking Window (Advisory)

    Drink now.

    Food Pairings

    Ideal for drinking on any occasion. Tastes great with paté and terrines, asparagus, shellfish, sea bass and salmon.


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