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    Domaine du Tariquet​ – Leading Wine Figures


    Revue du Vin de France, the famous French wine magazine, has listed Armin & Rémy Grassa of Domaine du Tariquet​ as one of 200 leading figures in the wine industry.

    Their father, Yves Grassa, placed Tariquet on the worldwide map of viticulture the day he decided to produce dry white wines from Ugni Blanc while others settled for traditional Armagnac. Since the 1980s, Tariquet has come quite a long way. The estate now accounts for 1,200 hectares of vines, 1,050 of which are in production.

    Owned and managed by Yves Grassa, the estate was originally used for the production of fine Armagnac. In the late 1980s, Yves decided to move into the production of unfortified wine. He invested hugely in what are still considered to be “state of the art” facilities. Many of his contemporaries thought him to be completely crazy but his vision proved timely, as it coincided with a major increase in the price of Muscadet which at the time was one of the best-selling inexpensive wines in the UK.  Yves’ Cotes de Gascogne wines managed to fill the gap left by Muscadet, and as the wines were not nearly as dry they also were able to compete against the invaders from the New World.