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    Corporate & Social Responsibility

    British Institute of Inn Keeping

    Wineservice is a member of the BII (British Institute of Inn Keeping). We receive invaluable professional support as we work with the licensed hospitality industry. BII does a great deal to promote and support the licensed hospitality industry and to improve its perception across society.


    Challenge 25

    Wineservice supports responsible drinking and operates Challenge 25.

    Upon delivery of alcoholic beverages by our own drivers, where it appears that the recipient is under the age of 25, Wineservice will request photographic identification in the form of a driver’s licence or passport to confirm that the recipient is above the age of 18

    By placing an order on the Wineservice website, you confirm that you are at least 18 year’s old.


    Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme (AWRS) – Statement

    The Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme (AWRS) is being introduced on 1 st April 2016 by HMRC to tackle alcohol fraud. As you are a client of Wineservice Limited, it is your responsibility to ensure that you carry out effective due diligence on all your suppliers and, where appropriate, your customers.

    I can confirm that Wineservice Limited have applied for the registration of the AWRS. We hope to receive our Unique Reference Number by April 2017.

    I have produced the following information to support and confirm Wineservice Limited to be classified as “fit and proper” and complies with HMRC regulations:

    Company Name
    • Wineservice Ltd
    Trading Address
    • Semper Fidelis Mews
    • Wire Mill Lane
    • Lingfield
    • Surrey
    • RH7 6HJ
    Registered Office Address
    • c/o Blythe & Co.
    • 206 Upper Richmond Road West

    With this information, checks can be performed on the identity and financial health of the company through Companies House in the UK.

    Company Structure

    Wineservice is a limited company and is registered and incorporated through Companies House in the UK. The details of our current board of directors, our registered address and annual accounts are verifiable through their online service.

    Wineservice Limited Supply Chain

    Wineservice Limited only source products from reputable businesses. We import some of our products directly from both EU and non-EU countries. Upon arrival in the UK, the stock is either stored under bond in third party excise warehouse facilities or held in our warehouse where duty has been paid.

    Wineservice Limited accounts for Excise and Duty via our Duty Deferment Account directly with HMRC on all stock delivered to our customers.

    Documents that we are unable to supply

    The following list of documents cannot be provided, as in the wrong hands, they present a potential for fraudulent activity to be performed against Wineservice Limited, our employees and the Exchequer:

    • blank invoices
    • blank letterheads
    • copies of companies directors passports
    • copies of Directors’ private address details
    • bank statements; and
    • utility bills.

    Evidence of Duty Payment

    Wineservice LImited supply all our stock duty paid. We will not provide copies of W5 or W5D to our customers as evidence of duty payment as these forms contain sensitive company information which could be used for fraudulent purposes.

    Evidence of duty payment will only be supplied directly to HMRC upon their request. Once the AWRS is live, relevant invoices will also include our Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme number.

    As Managing Director, I am fully responsible for all HMRC compliance. I can confirm the following:

    • Wineservice Ltd has never traded illegally, avoided registration or traded unauthorised;
    • no Director has been involved or associated with any business in fraud or non-compliance;
    • no Director has had any criminal convictions or links to organised criminal activity;
    • Wineservice Ltd fully complies with all HMRC record keeping requirements;
    •  Wineservice Ltd has an excellent payment record with HMRC; and
    •  Wineservice Ltd uses due diligence procedures to protect it from trading in illicit supply chains.

    Aimee Hillman, Business Development Manager, holds the Personal Licence (No 084744) for Wineservice Limited. She has undergone the due diligence check made by the Police Scotland and the local licensing authority. Should you require any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly. My email address is:


    Nicholas Hillman